1:1 The Breakthrough Booster

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  • 199 New Zealand dollars
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You want to help people. You know people need your services. You have a purpose but... You are not generating any income. The online space is so saturated, you find it hard to stand out or know which course to take. Everyone keeps talking about 10k, 100k...You have enrolled in courses and programs before but that left you more out of pocket and still no clients. So what do you do?  Enroll in another course? Give up? Go back to 9-5? No, you sign up for my 1:1 for me to help pinpoint what needs to be done, figure out why you are not thriving, help fix your business and create breakthroughs so you can start thriving!!  Deets here: In these sessions we dive deep into branding, marketing, sales, strategy, copywriting and how to be profitable and sell and many more.... The aim is for you to start earning 5 figures and beyond!! You will be set up with a blueprint for a 6 figure biz! 1) Creation - to build a strong foundation a.k.a the pilllars you need to survive (Find an audience that wants to purchase your services or offers.How to build your audience and have an engaged one too) 2) Strategy - to generate income and bring in the clients (Spend more time actually transforming lives with your services rather then working more ON your business. Find & attract your soul aligned clients. Having a repeatable easy method of attracting leads and signing clients that does not require hours of work which can be used over and over again) 3) Branding - to establish yourself as an expert and authority to attract clients like magnet (Clients lining up to work with you rather then you chasing them. Having a wait list of people waiting to work with you. A calendar of being fully booked) 4) Sales - Know how to convert and make income while helping others with intergrity (Signing your ideal paying clients. To have a passion that can also bring in the income of your dreams. Having a repeatable method to have repeatable sales. Having a system that brings in income all year long and a constant wave of clients) 5) Copywriting - Your magic formula to success 10x your success and sales ( Having a presence and being seen & heard. Freedom of time and money. Having a repeatable process to attracting clients to you & converting clients without chasing them

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Auckland, New Zealand