The time I launched to crickets gobsmacked being so sure before that it was going to sell like

Updated: Apr 3


I am sure you have been there. “But, I do not get it, this is what people need.” People need this so why aren't they buying. But, everyone likes my content and blows up my notifications….It doesn’t make sense!!


I launched thinking so sure it was going to be a sell out. This will help so many people………

*Cue cricket noises*

I just didn’t understand. I did everything that others were doing. I told my audience what I was offering to them, I even lowered the price?

So why was it not hotcakes for people? What was I missing?That day, I prayed for the universe to show me what I am doing wrong. I made an energetic shift, I needed help and I declared it to the universe. And boy did it come! I got a hunch that it was time to invest and that free content was getting me nowhere. I dm’d my future coach who I was following for a while and asked her the investment price. She responded. I was short, but I was certain that I had to enroll in her program. And what do you know, 3 days later, I got an unexpected amount of income. And that was it. I enrolled into her program. I then realised what was missing. Everything made sense. But the universe did not stop there... as I opened my laptop one evening, I stumbled upon a live. 3 days later, I joined her program(Another small investment). Like I say, you won't know until you know. I once again realized what I was missing. I logged off from my laptop that day around 7pm and snuggled into bed with a book and sense of peace. I slept like a baby that night and before midnight in ages, knowing in my heart big things were about to happen.

Why, because, I realised why all these people were selling like crazy and what was the missing ingredient. I now knew the secrets to a successful biz. It was the best decision I had made! Trying to piece together things with free content led me nowhere...and with a failed launch, because I did not know how to do business. Yes, I just stumbled into the world but every successful entrepreneur learnt how to be successful. And so did I. Seeking help in my biz changed my life big time!! If you are on the fence about getting help, I suggest you go for it!! I mean it was the secret sauce for my biz and I 100% can vouch for your success in your biz too!!

Like they say, if you want something bad enough, the universe makes it happen but you need to meet the universe halfway...Nothing comes from wishing, everything happens from action. Drop in the comments below how you are going to meet the universe halfway today!!

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