The Sun Shines 365 Days of the Year.

Updated: Apr 3

The sun is shining here in Auckland, New Zealand but I wanted to talk about rainy days today. Why do we associate rainy days to sadness or refer as gloomy days or bad days? Why do you hate days it rains? Why do you hate the rain? Yes, you get wet and cannot go outside for outdoor activities but is rainy days really that bad? Weather changes often and if we associate our mood, feelings and outlook of the day on the weather then I think that is a major red flag in terms of our mindset. Our outlook on weather is a great indicator of our outlook on life.

If you love the rain, it makes you happy and does not ruin your day then my friend you can endure any storm in life. It portrays that you do not let little things affect your mood, feelings, behaviour and your outlook. Rain water fills up our dam that gives us running water. Rain water nourishes our earth as much as it nourishes our soul. Plants grow because of water. Gardens bloom when it rains. If you love the warmth of the sun, then why do you run to the beach or pools when the sun shines? After all, you dip yourselves in water to find relief. The relief..... so why hate when it pours? Learn to love the rain, dance in the rain and sing in the rain. Because, if you do not let the rain make you gloomy, the sun shines for you 365 days of the year.

So put on your raincoat, put on your gumboots and grab your umbrella and let's enjoy the rain..

Sincerely, A Rain Lover...

Pluviophile People that love rain are called pluviophiles. The word pluviophile comes from the Latin word “pluvial,” which means rain, and “phile,” which denotes a thing or a person. Therefore, a pluviophile is a lover of rain, or someone that finds joy and peace of mind during the rainy days.

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