The power of saying yes. The power of following your heart.

Updated: Apr 3

"Instead of worrying about what could go wrong, focus on everything that could go right."

- Source unknown.

Do you find yourself after hearing an idea, plan and anything in general and jumping to the worst case scenario of why it would not work? What good has that got you? All it has done is stopping you from pursuing your dreams or missing out on a potential of a date? Or worse, sitting at home and doing nothing. Yes, things can go wrong and yes your dreams may fail, but what if it doesn’t. If your plans fail or the date turns out to be a disaster, so what? At least you have stories to tell about your experiences in life to your grand kids when you are older. You have lived, learnt and experienced life.

Have you ever wondered what could happen, if you start saying yes to things. I tried this last year, yes the year we were plagued with a pandemic. Guess what, I graduated as a yoga teacher, sport nutritionist, life coach and a personal trainer because why not? I had all the time and trust me not all the funds but I went for it. I said yes to my heart and look what happened. I am the happiest I have ever been. I achieved my goals and dreams. On top of that I started my own clothing store. I had many naysayers, even my own family, telling me to quit and find a day job. Did I listen?

No. I stuck to my dreams and followed my heart. I always said yes to new opportunities and ideas. I listened to my heart. Instead of focusing on things that could go wrong, I focused on what would happen if it went right. And yes, some things did not go as I planned, but what did I achieve by saying yes to my heart. I learned and gained valuable experience. I also learned how to be creative and learn from failure. I learnt how to bounce back, how to keep going, how to persevere, how to be resilient and most importantly how to keep believing and keep going.

Mostly importantly, I do not have any regrets, even though I did not achieve some of my goals. Why? Because I followed my heart, I said yes to it and I now know that some things turn out the way you planned and when things do not, you learn. You learn valuable experiences and wisdom. You learn, you grow and you evolve.

Most importantly, you go to sleep every night with a sense of peace knowing you went for it and even though it did not happen, you tried and gave it your best. And tomorrow you will try again, you will keep saying yes, you will keep listening to your heart, so that when you are 90 years old in your home, you can look back and say, I tried and went for everything my heart desired. I have no regrets. As clichéd as that is, you know it’s true.

So my people, start saying yes to the new ideas, hopes, dreams, relationships or whatever it is that your heart desires. I wish you well and loads of happiness.


A yes sayer.

- Rita Sharma

Book in the making and articles to be published.

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