The Myth About Free Content Consumption

Updated: Apr 3

Why that download of your millionth freebie is still not getting you clients and a low cost way of signing clients...

Let me guess, you have downloaded your millionth freebie and watched your millionth webinar or masterclass and still wondering why it’s not working for you in your biz and still struggling to sign clients?

You try to piece it together, info from this freebie with info from that masterclass and it’s Friday and another week of no clients. You wonder why it’s not working and wonder what you could do to have those clients signed up. And, spending on programs and costly coaching is not an option for you especially when you are not earning much in your biz or earning at all.

You download another freebie titled “25 ways of signing more clients now” and it tells you vaguely what to do but not how to do it and to your frustration still not signing up clients for you. You start to think maybe this is not for you and you should start doing something else to bring in the income.

Before you run to another business idea know that doing so will hurt your biz in the long term and will not create a profitable business that generates income in the long run. You will keep hitting those roadblocks even in your new biz idea start up and will go back to the cycle of downloading freebies in your new venture and still being stuck and still signing no clients...the cycle continues….

Here is the thing….

Free content will get you so far, but you will still feel stuck and lost as it won’t give you the info you need to progress. You won’t know what is not working and why you are not signing clients. You will consume free content and try to piece it together and get no where, but there is a reason why people charge for their services because of the transformation they provide. You do not know, what you do not know. You need fresh eyes, fresh perspective and problem solving eyesight on your biz. You need someone to pin point the gaps and leaks and show you how to fix it. You need to know what more you need to do and what to change and what to do less. You need a problem solver expert. Expert eyes on your biz to get to the precise reason why you still are not earning in your biz.

Trying to survive on free content will create short term success or worse none at all. It may help a little bit, but you will still feel stuck or hit a roadblock. Yes, freebies or masterclasses will help to a certain extent, then will leave you in a spiral of what to do next or trying to make it work by yourself and struggling to do so.

So, what is the solution? I am not going to tell you to invest in a premium program or spend thousands on programs that will provide you the transformation you are looking for. Start small, purchasing small programs and offers also known as low ticket offers will provide you the breakthrough you need. It will help you see what was missing and what you needed to start earning. Starting with small investments will change your biz, it will give you momentum and progress. It will take you one step further in your biz to get to signing clients on repeat. So spending that $47usd on a small course or program can bring about great changes for you. It could be the reason, you sign a client this week. Like I said, there is a reason people charge for the information, it is because of the transformation it can provide for you! They provide expert advice for a small cost that will create big impacts. Imagine signing your first client this week. Eek, so excited for you! So, is having faith with firm belief, betting on that small investment that it will sign you the next client and giving you timeless information that you can utilize over and over again signing clients on repeat, is spending that $47 usd today worth it?

*Disclaimer* p.s Not all small purchases create transformation, or so you think! Everything has value and provides a transformation, you just can't see it yet!.Treat every purchase whether it's $9 usd with the lens of extreme value provided and the belief it will create a big impact. Small foundations, brick by brick build the big house. Start small, end big! One droplet of water multiplied, creates the big vast ocean. Droplet by droplet, let’s make some waves!!!!

Comment below what is the best small purchase you have made for your biz and how it was a game changer?

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