The Choices We Make...

Updated: Apr 3

“Rita, listen, I went to a coach purely for free sessions, I left the session more confused and lost...and I immediately thought I needed to have a session with you again!...”

My client, so infused with passion and helping others in self care had messaged me a day ago, saying she really needed a session and was feeling overwhelmed and confused. She then booked our session and during our call she said the above with excitement. I could hear the relief in her voice and the passion and excitement was coming back. She was pumped by the end!! My work spoke for itself and she thought of me as someone who could solve her problems! I sorted her thoughts and gave her a step by step plan. She now knew what she had to do everyday and in what order. I laid it out step by step for her. This was only possible because of the decision she made.

I was extremely grateful, as I felt uncomfortable charging people at their beginning stages of their entrepreneur journey..How could I charge, when they were struggling…But after seeing that the transformation I provided was not just in terms of her biz but I was relieving her of her worries and confusion, I was at peace too. My client left the session with a peace of mind and renewed excitement like our first session together. It felt great and fantastic for both of us. Her one decision to work with me, helped her breakthrough that confusion and doubt and left her with a step by step plan for her biz leaving her with clarity and ease. If she had made the choice to stay with her previous coach, she would have stayed stuck and confused…

Life is all about choices. Just ONE TINY decision could be a turning point in your life.

When you pay a coach you don’t just pay for the information, you pay for how they can help relieve your doubts and confusion.You pay for mindset shifts, inspiration, motivation and problem solving. You have a problem and we solve it with many aspects, not just telling you the strategy. This is why so many coaches struggle to sign clients, because they do not know how to coach. (Sorry, I said it!) Yes, I am a BUSINESS coach but I am a COACH. Coaching requires all the above and many more. And, that’s what my client chose when deciding to work with me, she decided to work with someone who coached her, not just someone telling her what to do leaving her in more of a confusion...

My client’s one decision propelled her forward to success…What choices are you making today that could be the turning point for your biz? Is it moving you to progress or keeping you stuck?

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