If hard work meant success, everyone would be successful.

Updated: Apr 3

Let me guess, you are posting consistently, 5 days a week, you are following the strategy everyday, posting in groups to get leads, you are DMing people everyday and still not signing clients at the end of the week. You are doing everything they are saying, showing up everyday but still crickets…

You may think you need to do more, I should post more, change my strategy, DM more people, but that is not the answer…

This is what I advise my clients to do……... using my WOOWOO method...

Yes, I said it. The WOOWOO WORLD. Let me break down the 3 myths you might have about the woowoo world and why you actually need it for your business. If you do not know what woowoo are seriously missing out!!! The woowoo world for me is all about manifestation and energy. (Yes, there is a lot more in that world!) Anywho, back to topic, ( if you do not know what manifestation and energy is then well again you are missing out and have some googling to do….) so for those of my people who know, yes, manifestation and energy is not for the weird, it is not a totally strange phenomenon and I have manifested $$$$ by practising it everyday!! Being human is a phenomenon, nature is a phenomenon. Is being a human weird? How does the universe exist? How can you explain things like emotions and feelings? If you think all that is normal, then why is the woowoo world weird?

Let me tell you, I never knew about this world till recently, and I kid you not my life has turned upside UP ever since!! I have gone from being clinically depressed to being the happiest everyday, from always thinking why it’s not working for me to things appearing magically in my life without me doing anything, like thousands of dollars, a successful biz, divine guidance everyday, things always working out for me, having all I wish for become reality. The miraculous shifts I have seen in my life have been epic!! (DM me if you want to know more)

Now, don’t get me wrong, this does not mean there is no hard work involved and anyone who says so is lying!!!! Yes, I called people out but you need to have a balance of both worlds, hard work plus manifestation plus energy is what gets you to the 10k months you desire.

So, why is it important for business? It doesn’t only propel you into getting closer to your goals like helping people, signing those clients and selling your offers and services but it also keeps you in gratitude and thankful for all that is, was and is coming. Yes, having gratitude practise is a huge part of it. If you are grateful for all that happens in your business, the universe has to give you more as a reward for being grateful. Yes, the universe gives more of what you concentrate on. If you concentrate on that lead you got this week, you get more of it and if you focus on that client saying no, not selling your program, you keep being stuck and not signing clients. So,the woowoo world is not a strange phenomenon. It is simply being thankful for what you have and being in a good vibe energy expecting good things, which helps you attract clients and sell out your offers and services and help people as a side effect. So, why would you not want it in your life?

So, why am I telling you this? It's because I want you to thrive!! I do not want to see you being stuck any longer. It breaks my heart seeing coaches quit doing what they love. That is heartbreaking. If you want to propel your biz and keep doing what you love...DM me “woowoo”. I love sharing my knowledge!!

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