About Us


Rita Sharma.


Hi there, I am Rita Sharma, the owner of The.Rita.Sharma co. I live in the beautiful Auckland, New Zealand. 

I founded, formely known as healthandwellbeingbyrita, now The.Rita.Sharma co, in 2020 just before the pandemic hit. After taking a break after I graduated in Psychology, I spent my time during the pandemic to study life coaching, 7 years later on. My passion for counseling people and helping them move from depression to therapy and then finding happiness, evolved me to learn life coaching and then transition to helping women and young ladies to live a life they love filled with bliss. My business has now evolved to me helping ambitious female online  solopreneurs to make their dreams come true. I serve online female coaches, course creators and service providers to bring in abundance while serving with Powerful Marketing, Captivating Brands and Alluring Copywriting.

I am passionate about helping people, changing their lives for good, creating happy souls, making a positive difference in people's lives, helping women succeed in business and life, instilling self love and confidence in to people, motivating and inspiring women. I love meditating, practicing yoga, listening to music and dancing in my room. I am a huge advocate for wellbeing and mental health. My love for helping others, allows me to create deep positive transformation in people's lives. My passion allows me to bring about change in society. Through my wellbeing and mental health advocacy I bring awareness to people on these pressing topics especially in trying times like now. In my spare time I also love advocating for creating safer, better and thriving community for girls and women. Women empowering women is my philosophy aswell as women empowerment and girl power.  

My proudest accomplishment is getting my business to where it is today and evolving and growing. Also, graduating with my Psychology degree, then changing my own life around and now thriving. My dream is to create an empire of thriving women entrepreneurs.

In my spare time, I like to dance, study personal development, read, listen to music, journal, create, travel and wonder around, be a foodie, be more spiritual and connect to god. I love Coffee. Coffee. Tea. I go through several cups of different hot beverages during the day. I make a habit of giving back to the community and society. Helping out with causes is huge for me and a value of The.Rita.Sharma co.

In between working in my business, I like dancing and singing in my head and around the house...

These topics bring me to life: Dance, Personal Development, God, Spirituality, Manifesting, Energy & Business.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, I am a Daughter, Sister, Niece, Cousin, Friend, Kiwi. My favourite part about being an entrepreneur is the difference I can make in people's lives, while doing what I love. The feeling of knowing I made a difference in someone's life is something else. 

To connect with me, you can follow me on instagram at @the.rita.sharma or send me an email at contact@theritasharma.com